She's Forever

Song Length 3:53 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


she's forever

maybe she has prepared for a slaughter
maybe she has decided to flee
maybe she's just denying that love hurts
but that's not gonna last forever

maybe she has prepared for my slaughter
maybe she wants to be payback this way
maybe she will consider another
well, I?m not gonna last forever

I don't know what's coming towards me
I can't foresee what live has in mind
I don't know what's she's throwing towards me
it's only just a matter of time

she didn't wanna cause me pain
said I?m too special
but light has gone, just pouring rain
still she's forever

maybe we will one day meet each other
maybe we'll have all memories removed
maybe we will consider to bother
cause we're not gonna live forever

still can't forget her
and she's forever

Lyrics Andrew Vroomans (aka Andy Vee) Music Andrew Vroomans (aka Andy Vee)
Producer Andy Vee & The Cry Ugly Performance The Cry Ugly
Label Irisette Records
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