Falling In Love

Song Length 5:06 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


falling in love

girl, I don't know what I?d reply
if you asked me straight off
if our thing's based on love
'cause I am afraid I might cry
if I found out that you
feel some tenderness too, for me

now we have a bond you and me
that I think we both felt
from the first time we've met
and yet I feel a strong urge to hide
'cause I'm not sure you'd wanna thrill me
as if rejection would kill me at all

my pride tells me I should decide
to strive for the life I dream of
but I fear that I can't cope with the change
to come if you and me are falling in love

once I tried to tell you goodbye
I was sure I?d feel secure then
but it just made me feel poor
and so I got back to you with a lie
might try to make you feel sorry
and hope that you'd start to worry for me

but if I close my eyes I can picture it all
I can see deep blue skies and us having a ball
and I feel I could reach out for me and for you
it's not that hard to achieve, there's just one thing to do
falling in love

and so now I found a reason to die
cause I wondered straight off
should we analyse love?
it's just that I?d like to drive up to your house
and say I'm with you because
I?ve got this feeling about us and love
alright then, I think that it's very clear
that you and me are falling in love

Lyrics Andrew Vroomans (aka Andy Vee) Music Andrew Vroomans (aka Andy Vee)
Producer Andy Vee & The Cry Ugly Performance The Cry Ugly
Label Irisette Records
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