Be My Baby Tonight

Song Length 4:11 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


be my baby tonight

I wonder where you went last night
you dropped right out of sight
I lost your trail in the traffic downtown
I couldn't track you down
you got back home at three a.m.
this guy escorted you then
something snapped inside my heart
no one shall drive us apart

be my baby tonight
I?ve waited so long, so long
be my baby tonight
I?ve watched you for so, so long
tonight I?ll prove my love is strong

I wonder if you realise
I ain't telling you no lies
I know most everything about you
I think you'd be surprised
you're wondering who the hell I am
it puts you in a jam
remembering my name just might seem tough
you'll get to know me soon enough

I wonder why you look so scared
you should know that I care
I?ve freed you from your boyfriend's cries
he must have known he risked to die
so now you're lonely just like me
you will come to see
you're better off with me everyday
I promise you I will stay

Lyrics Andrew Vroomans (aka Andy Vee) Music Andrew Vroomans (aka Andy Vee)
Producer Andy Vee & The Cry Ugly Performance The Cry Ugly
Label Irisette Records
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