Divertimento Opus 30. "Heroic St. Patrick's Battalion"

Story Behind The Song

En recuerdo del heroico Batallón Los San Patricios, comandado por el Mayor, John Patrick O'Riley y el Capitán,Santiago O'Leary. ¡Viva Irlanda!

Song Description

I send a special greeting to my friend's and comrades in arms of Sinn Féin Ireland. Éirinn go Brách! This work is dedicated in memory of the heroic "Saint Patrick's Battalion" commanded by Brevet Major,John Patrick O'Riley and Captain,Santiago O'Leary. Who defended Mexico in the 1846 Mexican- American War.

Song Length 5:28 Genre Classical - Classical, Classical - Romantic
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Mood Frenzied, Ecstatic
Era 1990 - 1999


Divertimento Opus 30. "Heroic Saint Patrick's Batallion"

©1995 Published Work 2000. All Right's Reserved. Álvaro Guevara y Vázquez, Composer BMI.

Lyrics none Music Alvaro Guevara y Vazquez, composer, B.M.I.
Producer Alvaro Guevara y Vazquez, composer, B.M.I. Publisher Holy Grail Publishing Commandery of America.
Performance Alvaro Guevara y Vazquez, Pianist. Label Gala Cervantes ™ Arts and Entertainment Group.

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