Bad End

Song Description

After a broken heart.. looking for revenge

Song Length 2:34 Genre Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Anger
Similar Artists The Band Perry, Carrie Underwood Language English
Era 2000 and later


(Alice Olsen)

Six feet under isn't deep enough
For a man who breaks a heart in love
You set the hook then reeled me in
Made your catch then threw me back again
Here today and gone tomorrow
Trading my heart for a heap of sorrow
Easy come and easy go
Goes both ways now don't you know

Ooh better watch your back
Ooh if your coming back

There's a BAD END waiting for you
Won't be pretty when I'm through
You can beg but it's still true
There's a BAD END waiting for you.

I'll be ready on the day we meet
To find out if revenge is sweet
It's no use now trying to hide
There's avenging angels on my side
So cross your heart and say your prayers
Before you meet the man downstairs
You got no cause to wonder why
It'll be hot on the day you die

Ooh boy you'd better run
Ooh and you thought you'd have some fun.. ha!

repeat chorus

How many others have you treated this way?
How many hearts did you lead astray?
How many times did you betray
And still been the one that got away?

Not this time!

repeat chorus

Yeh I'm waiting for you.. ha ha ha!

Lyrics Alice Olsen Music Alice Olsen
Publisher Alice Olsen Publishing Co
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