Think of Me

Song Length 3:30 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


Think of Me

Think of Me
Don't try to speak
I the one who
Fell on my own.

Change the Tune
To something else
You said you'd
Always know.

You changed everything today
Just like you've always done
Don't expect me to follow your lead
You said you'd always know
You said you'd always know.

I want to to know
So let it go
Hands held tied
Speak your mind.

I know that you can't be
All of the things you told me
Walk away, don't look back
This is the story of.....

No more words...
Speak your mind.

Lyrics A. Rappaport, S. Wicks Music S. Wicks, A. Rappaport
Producer A. Rappaport
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