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I dreamed this song, then I woke up and wrote it down as best I could remember.

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Blah blah blah etc.

Song Length 3:56 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Easy Listening
Subject 6th Sense, Intuition, Luck/Coincidence Similar Artists The Moody Blues, The Eagles
Language English


?(Pickin? Up My) Vibes? © 2004 - Alan Rackelmann

Shimmering beauty, Strange but I knew she, Wanted to see me too
(She) Came out of nowhere, (No) Thinking did I dare, (I) Wanted to save this mood
(A) Wink and a nod sped, (A) Rush into my head, A spark of being alive
I think-she-could read my mind

Fated for romance, We did a slow dance, Easily so it seemed
(I) Took off the foot brake, (I) Didn?t want to wake, Up from this perfect dream
I took her small hands, Soft as a fall lamb's, (We) Shared an impassioned sigh
I swear-she-could read my mind

Pickin? up my vibes
And it gets me high
So I?m gonna try
Pickin? up her vibes

(Be)Fore we embraced I, Looked at her face my, Eyes restored to tears
Hearts glowing open, Warmly emoldened, Forgetting about the fear
Mutual brave strength, On the same wavelength, Flying at the speed of light
I know-she-could read my mind

Shimmering beauty, couldn?t believe she, wanted to see me too...

Lyrics Alan Rackelmann Music Alan Rackelmann
Producer Alan Rackelmann Performance Alan Rackelmann
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