Fall Away

Song Length 3:47 Genre Rock - Hard Rock


I?m sinking over time
I?m falling in the rhine
I?m slipping into all the mediocrity I find
I?ll slowly fade away
I just can?t seize the day
I?ll leave you here to contemplate my absence
When I?

Fall away? fall away
Can?t stop what?s going on
The darkness coming
Fall away? fall away
I?ve known it all along
For so long
Still inside me

I guess it?s meant to be
No fight inside of me
Extinguished all the resources
My mind could muster
I?ll simply fade away
It?s closer every day
I?m leaving here so stop
The pity and the misery

Inside me, inside?

Lyrics Dale Randall Music Hoffmeyer/Pendleton/Randall
Producer Dale Randall Performance Hoffmeyer/Pendleton/Randall/Truscello
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