Tried To Run

Story Behind The Song

Sometimes in a relationship the easy thing to do is to walk or run away when things get bad. Its not so easy though when you're in love and realize the relationship isn't over so you stay/come back and work things out.

Song Description

Song about staying with someone thru the fights/difficult times because of your love for one another.

Song Length 3:17 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject General, Making Up Similar Artists Cheap Trick
Language English Era 2000 and later


Tried To Run -

Come into my dreams
Every night it seems I see your face
How could we throw it all away

Can't take back the fights
And every drunk thing I said to you that night
I know, we haven't been, Ok Ay Ay.

Then I look into your eyes
And feel those butterflies and I fall
So deep into your stare
I know that we both still care

I, tried to run but I just couldn't hide from our love (2X)

Felt convicted of a crime
You pushed all my buttons n' drove me outta my mind
Maybe we're just a big mistake

Then I'd see your sunny smile n' know
I'd walk a million miles for our love
I need you in my life
Please let me make things right...... Baby

I tried to run but I just couldn't hide from our love
I tried to run, but I couldn't hide....
No I couldn't hide
From our Love (4x)

Ooh I'm holdin' on (4x) (to our love)

Music & Lyrics- Scott David Cameron Music 2014

good lyrics .nice guitars . love the ending jam

Great vocals,like Creed! Love the lyrics and musical structure. Well mixed and mastered. Best to you.

Lyrics Scott David Cameron Music Scott David Cameron
Publisher Scott David Cameron Music

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