Cell Walls

Story Behind The Song

40 wrote this joint while he was on lock...

Song Length 4:55 Genre Rap - Gangsta, Rap - Dirty South
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Crime, Theft Similar Artists 2Pac



Hook (chorus)

Verse 1

They got me talking to my cell walls 8 by 10
Got 40 bouncin in this hell ball pimpin my pen
And every night I see ?em catchin flights
Go right to the pen
My only guard it be my heart and man I?m sharp as a pin
I?m listening to hear the fakin with the hatin and plots
Done ate up so much information now I;m scrapin the pot
You better know they wanna us so you guilty or not
You besta pay so you can shake it and get back on the block
It?s like a checker game and they done started out with the kings
So everytime we make a move it?s like we losing a wing
Get away with pulling pistols, popping, dropping our seeds
You gangsters be feeling like me and we?d be knocking police
Get all the slickers and the bangers
We can kick off a riot in clayton
Make ?em change thangs that?s the main thang
Hoping for dedication so our peoples can face situations and stand tall
It?s time to do something
I see it coming from my cell walls

Hook (chorus)

Verse 2

Trying to decipher life in the game
I?m right to the game
Some players play it trife in the game
Be true to game, meet a lot of dudes in the game
That?s new to the game
So they don?t know the rules to the game
They fools to the game
Ain?t interested in tools to the game
They hurting the game
That?s why players desertin the game
I?m working the game
Did a lot of dirt in the game
Wet shirts in the game
Seen a few get murked in the game
It?s hot in the game
Some drama cover blocks in the game
Don?t knock the game
But 40 took a shot in the game
It?s cops in the game
Cause 40 done been popped in the game
Watch the game, distortedness don?t stop in the game
They snitch in the game
Which put a lot of shit in the game
If you getting rich in the game
Watch yo grip in the game and straight ball
Discussing it all while I be talking to my cell walls

Hook (chorus)

Verse 3

Stay booted and ready for action
Hooks and jabs, they wanna put me on the canvas
Moving with fashion, for 20 years we been clashing
Ducking the system, they power-punching but they missing
Now 40 been hitting licks and stangs so my thang is floating and sticking
It be very seldom they get me
More closer to never
Them almost?s done got close putting holes in the sweater
Holes in the fleeces and the leathers
I?m doing my time
Murder 1 they wanna screw me I?m losing my mind
These ?ol courts wanna lose me or flatting my line
But I ain?t with it I ain?t dying
I?m beating the charge
Back on the streets with that heat and I?m serving that boy
We in these cell blocks suffering
Stay on the bricks cause shit you ain?t missing nothing
Missing my folks
I got my back against the ropes but won?t fall
Done been through it all and talking bout it to my cell walls

Hook (chorus)

They got me talking to my cell walls
Holding my conversations and pacing in my cell walls
Celly?s that trip will become a victim in my cell walls
40 be snapping losing his mind
issues I got too many to describe
got me talking to my cell walls

Lyrics Kelvin Jackson (40 Cal) Music John A. Moore (RIP)
Producer John A. Moore (RIP) Publisher John A> Moore (RIP)
Performance Kelvin Jackson (40 Cal) Label Digital Vapor Productions
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