Worker Bee

Song Description

Working the daily grind

Song Length 4:04 Genre Pop - Rock
Language English Era 2000 and later


By Tish Meeks, Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)

You can substitute the name and
The date and the face
But it's still the same
Park your brain, don't complain
Cuz it's never gonna change
It's the same shit different day
Doesn't do a bit of good to whine
And bitch and cry
To the grind, be on time
Or you'll lose your spot in line
They'll replace you on the fly

Wrap your mind around
The fact that you're dispensable
Wrap your mind around
The fact that you're dispensable


You're just a worker bee
Who doesn't have a dream
You're just a worker bee
Fight for your liberty!

Verse 2
Everyone trudges along the lonely
path that they pave
You're a slave til the grave
Don't obsess or you will cave
Buck the system or behave
Nobody gives a damn about your
small minded goals
They're on a roll with control
And you know they own your soul
Can't dig out of this hole

Verse 3
Do you wake up every morning with a
Sense of dread
Stay in bed, wish you're dead
Hit the streets and earn your bread
But you're never gonna get ahead
As long as you're owned by the man
You gotta do the best you can
Get a plan, or withstand
You're your own biggest fan
It's up to you to get the upper hand

Lyrics Tish Meeks Music Tish Meeks, Andrew Arnold
Producer Eric LaBrosse Publisher Stolen Kisses Music (BMI)
Performance 3 Kisses Label Rat Pak Records

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