Kevin's Last Day

Story Behind The Song

Written about a co-worker that went on a week long bender and then came back to work (as a produce manager) just long enough to quite after his alcohol-fueled epiphany.

Song Length 4:13 Genre Rock - Ska
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Frantic Subject General
Similar Artists Bob Marley And The Wailers, Mighty Mighty Bosstones Language English
Era 2000 and later


Here?s a little story
About a nice guy
And what you ears are gonna hear
Will make you wanna cry

One day he said to me, man I need a day off
So stressed out without a doubt, I wanna fuckin? scream and shout
Never missed a day of work in his life

It?s Kevin?s last day
It?s Kevin?s last day

Wife took off
Because he was a drunk
Now he wants to prove to his kid
He?s not a fuck up

Workin? every single day, tryin? to get the bills paid
Working seven days a week,
Never finding what he seeks
I saw Kevin today I think he?s gonna fuckin? crack

It's Kevin?s last day
It's Kevin?s last day
And he?s gone away
It's Kevin?s last day

He?s gone-a, He?s gone-a, He?s gone away

Five o?clock shadow
Smellin? like booze
Wearin? dirty clothing
Had everything to lose

Said I?m sick of everything
I?ve had enough of it
Fuck you guys I?m outta here
Yeah I fuckin? quit


Lyrics Paul Walton Music Paul Walton
Producer Isaiah Vering and 10 Minutes Down Publisher none
Performance 10 Minutes Down Label none
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