Symptohm by Ohm Force

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For those who never go further than switching from preset to preset or can't stand the idea of digging into a complex machine to get the best out of it, Symptohm might not be the best choice. However, for those creatively-minded of you in line with the Ohm Force spirit, here is the sonic equivalent of a goldmine.

• 2 unique sample-based SyncGrain oscillators (SGOs).
• Additional Sub Oscillator, based on SyncGrain's spectral content.
• Stereo noise generator.
• A ring modulator for each voice, based on the Sub Oscillator.
• Inter-voice Ring Modulation.
• Dynamic routing of the signal into a 'powered by Quad Frohmage' filter bank, with loads of filter types, distortion, band delay and much more.
• Extensive modulation options (one LFO + one xADSR per parameter + MIDI) for almost every parameter.
• Output signal limiter.
• Approachable, straightforward user interface.
• Over 100 Meta-Patches included, each one containing 12 patches, so it means 1200 patches ready to use.
• Create a morphing oscillator out of any sample or waveform, and even use multi-samples to create drum kits.
• In depth sequencing: pattern controlled sound driven by the Melohman keyboard.
• Create a morphing oscillator out of any sample, and even use multi-samples to create drum kits.

System Requirements:
• Mac (32/64)
• Windows (32/64)
• VST (For Windows and Mac)
• Audio Units (for Mac only)
• RTAS (For Windows and Mac)