Sleeps Under Beams is the artist name for Bennett Campbell Music, comprised of Lisa Ann Swain, of the USA and Drew Campbell of The Netherlands. Lisa is the lyricist, while Drew is composer, multi-instrumentalist, and occasionally vocals. Every note of every instrument is played by Drew. Both lovers of the Alternative Rock genre, all of our songs start with that a basis and then each song decides what direction it wants to take from there. The songs lead, we follow.

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Our first song, "The Ties That Bind" was released in January, followed by "Like Veronika" in February. Those will soon be followed by "Will-O'-Wisp" and "There's No Going Back" in th VERY near future.
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Randall Mark
over 30 days ago to Sleeps Under Beams

I REALLY like your guys' sound! Kind of like Depeche Mode, The Cars, or Berlin. Or a combination. Great stuff!

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Sleeps Under Beams
over 30 days ago

Thank you for your feedback, we certainly do appreciate it and we're really happy you like our music! We have a new song "There's No Going Back", that being mixed and mastered now. Here's a preview of it. And THANK YOU again! CcxjYO1A

Sleeps Under Beams
over 30 days ago

So sorry, I tried the link and it says it's not working But we do have an official youtube channel where it is posted.

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