Shawn McKenzie

Shawn McKenzie

Title: Producer, Artist
Genres: Hip Hop, Pop, Top 40, Rap, R&B
Status: No slots available
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Song limit per member: Unlimited
Bio: Multi Platinum producer Shawn McKenzie aka "Sir Scratch" has carved his permanent mark on the music scene since the… read more

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Shawn McKenzie - Previous Reviews

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song: Instrument Of Pleasure
artist:Eva King

genre: Pop - General
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 31
song: Because Of You - Studio Demo

genre: Pop - General
stats: playlists: 4 | song plays: 476
artist comments: Hi Shawn, Thank you very much for your review on both "Because of you" and "One Second". I take all the feedback and comments very seriously and will keep on working to grow in my writing/recording skills. Your feedback helps out in a great way. So again thanks a lot! Best Regards, Monique
song: Buried Alive

genre: Rap - General
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 57
song: Make It Last

genre: Rap - East Coast
stats: playlists: 3 | song plays: 139
artist comments: Hey Shawn! I appreciate the advice given. Also the assessment of the song. Since the review i have added the full version of the song to my playlist as suggested. If you have the opportunity,check it out. Hope to have you review some more material of mine.Enjoy your new year.
song: No Comment

genre: Rap - Hip Hop
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 63
artist comments: The review was honest. Just what I expected.
song: My Life featuring Gabe Castro

genre: Rap - Hip Hop
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 20
song: Step into your Blessing
artist:Ellen Hayes

genre: R & B - Religious
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 39
artist comments: Thank you so much for your review. It's such a relief to hear a review from someone that knows music really well. I get so many mixed reviews from people that know me. This is outside the box for me compared to the way I sing at church, so the church people are a bit negative about it. I like this style and I'm currently working on a praise and worship classical piece along with other styles for my next album. I am still however promoting this one, which is my first.I'm happy to be encouraged to continue in this direction.
song: HOT

genre: Electronic - Dance
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 57
song: I can't think
artist:Ramon Clarke

genre: World - Reggae/Carribean
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 33

genre: R & B - Soul
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 67
song: That's My Swagger

genre: Pop - Rock
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 150
artist comments: Great review. Very insightful comments! All directly on point. Love Will Smith. Totally agree with the lyrics/rhythm/etc. Now can it get placed? ;) Instrumental has a lot of plays :)