Roy Hamilton

Roy Hamilton

Title: Songwriter and Producer
Genres: Top 40, Pop, R&B
Status: Taking submissions
Song limit per member: Unlimited
Bio: Roy Leaford Hamilton III (born in Queens, New York) is an American Pop and R&B songwriter, record producer, and musician… read more

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genre: R & B - Classic
stats: playlists: 14 | song plays: 214
song: Nothing Wrong With Love

genre: R & B - General
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 33
artist comments: Thank you very much for reviewing, 'Nothing Wrong with Love.' They said I could ask questions, but I don't have any. I am very satisfied with you review. Since my focus is on songwriting first and an artist second, I understand and appreciate your honesty concerning the instrumentals. That area is not my strong point. I will keep at it until I get better. The Smokey Robinson comparison is very interesting (for a specific reason to me). He, along with BabyFace, are two of the legends whom I look to for songwriting guidelines. So that's a wonderful compliment. And Marvin Gaye's talents, songs and vocals are timeless. Both, in from my perspective are geniuses; so that's definitely cool too. I know there is always room for improvement, and this is why I wanted this song reviewed. I am thankful that broadjam offers this service. Thank you again. I will contact you today using the email you have provided. Charles 'KIZZO' Kizzee.
song: Whispered

genre: Pop - General
stats: playlists: 7 | song plays: 305