Alex Johnston

Music Supervisor, Composer, Producer

I am an Industry Producer, Composer, Music Supervisor, Multi-Instrumentalist in both the UK and US with a CV which includes ground breaking band Mamma Freedom and James Johnston and Orchestral composing for Apple iStories, Honda and the BBC as well as writing, producing and mixing for no. 1 selling artists. I am comfortable in front of an orchestra, band or solo artist and and have knowledge and ability of both old and modern recording and mixing, which is something I pride myself on.

I am signed to In Touch Records and managed by Carlini Group on the same roster as Ennio Morricone and George Benson both in New York a Producer / Mixer / Composer and Artist.

I also work for New Show Media In Hollywood as a Music Supervisor.

I have written, composed orchestral scores, mixed, remixed or produced for: Mamma Freedom, J V Johnston, Tupac, Girls Aloud, Wiley, Wrigley, Jodie Connor, The Happy Mondays, Massive Films , Samsung, Apple, Honda, New Show Media , BBC, New Road Productions - Film Score, and Persian Cat Press.


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