Doug Diamond

Doug Diamond

Title: Music Supervisor, Engineer, Producer, Composer
Genres: Rock, Pop, Country, Adult Contemporary, Soundtracks
Status: Taking submissions
Song limit per member: Unlimited
Bio: Engineer/Producer/Music Supervisor Doug Diamond has been writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering music for most… read more

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song: Broken Line

genre: Pop - Europop
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 64
song: Building a dream

genre: Unique - Soundtracks
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 32
song: You Are

genre: Rock - Religious
stats: playlists: 7 | song plays: 494
artist comments: Thank you, Doug. I will take to heart all you have mentioned.
song: She Slipped Away

genre: Country - Alternative
stats: playlists: 3 | song plays: 22
artist comments: Doug, Thanks for really taking the time to listen to the song and give your thoughts on it. I appreciate your expertise and your experience in the business. I will heed your advice and apply it to other songs that we are working on.
song: December

genre: Unique - Holiday
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 36
song: Don't pass me by

genre: Pop - Rock
stats: playlists: 6 | song plays: 189

genre: Rock - Classic
stats: playlists: 12 | song plays: 576
song: Possibilities
artist:Dave Schnur

genre: Rock - Easy Listening
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 49
artist comments: This is also an old song that I wrote years ago. We cut the track because it was always one of my wife's favorites. I did not expect much and then somehow it became something really special in the studio! Glad you liked it, Doug!
song: Lipstick Lies
artist:Dave Schnur

genre: Country - Rock
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 41
song: Beautiful Hurricane

genre: Unique - Soundtracks
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 41
song: knock knock

genre: Rock - General
stats: playlists: 2 | song plays: 66
song: Lauren's Theme

genre: Pop - Easy Listening
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 366
artist comments: Thank you so much for the encouragement, and the comment: "The only thing I can think of that's missing from this song is... more of it!". I get it. You've both sparked my imagination and challenged it. Working on it... Let me know how I can send you an update? Thank you again, t
song: You Never Know

genre: Folk - General
stats: playlists: 6 | song plays: 1194
song: Underneath the Mistletoe
artist:Andy Barlow

genre: Unique - Holiday
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 9
song: When You Wake

genre: Country - Contemporary
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 161
song: Down the River
artist:David Omlor

genre: Folk - Rock
stats: playlists: 8 | song plays: 96
artist comments: Thank you Doug for the thorough and detailed review and suggestions. Your points about finding a way to broaden the general universality of the subject matter are well taken. That can be tricky in this case but it is certainly a thing that needs to be considered. The mixing comments will go a long way in helping me as I move into that phase of the recording process. Then there is the "bridge" issue. That has been plaguing me since I wrote this one. I have worked on adding a bridge a few times but I just never got one that made me happy. The point about lyrical clarification will help send me back to the drawing board on that issue so the next version will likely have that bridge section added. For this version, in the interest of mitigating potential re-recording expense, I'll focus on making the solo section more interesting to break up the repetitive groove. Thanks again for the great input. I will reach out with some other tracks off of the record as they get wrapped up. Dave
song: Fly

genre: Pop - Easy Listening
stats: playlists: 2 | song plays: 66
artist comments: WOW ! Im totally blown away by the beautiful critique of my song Fly. Thank you so much Doug Diamond . This is by far the best thing I have ever done over the past 5 years on Broadjam . I go away from this so inspired and will definately take all your suggestions and ideas on board . I would certainly recommend the PRO reviews to all songwriters and artists. What a wonderful opportunity to have this song reviewed so thoroughly. THANK YOU , cheers Katie
song: The Fall
artist:Mary Segato

genre: Pop - Alternative
stats: playlists: 2 | song plays: 92
song: The Way You Do

genre: Pop - General
stats: playlists: 2 | song plays: 63
artist comments: Hi Doug, Thank you so much for the encouraging review! We've been pretty excited about this new project's prospects, and after reading this we are even more excited. Yes, please do feature our song on your website and of course we will pass along our new songs as soon as they are mastered. That should be at the beginning of September. You can get a hold of us fastest at All our best, Johanna and Jacob
song: Little Too Late

genre: Blues - General
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 260
artist comments: Wow! Strong feedback Doug. You are hearing what we heard, so once again that's great calibration for us. We had Nancy Hall (Neil Young) on bg vox doing three-part harmonies, double tracked, to get that full sound. We called it a half-a-dozen Nancy's. That's Barney Doyle (Mickey Hart Band) on guitar contributing the tasty fills and solo. But it's really Lee Parvin's vocals, B3, and Wurly that stand out for me. We're happy with the track and thrilled to get your feedback. Thanks again, and best regards. For Parvin & Patterson Mark Patterson