Dario Dendi

Dario Dendi

Title: Producer, Engineer
Genres: Rock, Pop
Status: Taking submissions
Song limit per member: Unlimited
Bio: With almost 15 years of experience in the music industry, Dario has worked with a great number of influential artists and… read more

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song: Starlight
artist:David James

genre: Pop - Rock
stats: playlists: 46 | song plays: 626
song: Dr. Gelati & The Lemon Garden

genre: Pop - Alternative
stats: playlists: 3 | song plays: 107
artist comments: Hi Dario, It never even occurred to me that you were Italian and possibly of Sicilian descent?! (I actually chose you as you had experience of working with British bands.) That could have worked both ways so I'm glad you liked it. You are correct about the vocals - this song is a bit of a performance and I tried to put as much into it but in places it could do with toning down a bit. Interesting what you said about the recording and mixing -it was basically all I could afford. While I thought it was a good job (it could have been horrendous!) if I were honest I was a bit disappointed in some aspects of the finished product. Clearly you have a professional ear and you think it could have sounded better. Again this is very positive and quite flattering in a way. It gives me a lot to think about in the future. Thanks Dario - this has been really positive and it's great getting honest feedback. Glad you 'got it' which was my main worry and that you enjoyed. Scott

genre: Electronic - Downbeat
stats: playlists: 1 | song plays: 144