Future Projects, which will be available on Broadjam soon: Got a Girl (Produced and Written by n'JR -Co - Producing Hugo Alves), Wish (Produced and Mixed by Hugo Alves - Written by n'JR), Number One (Produced by Bruno - Written by n'JR), You Got Me (Produced by Nuno - Written by n'JR).

n'JR - My Way

nJR got the musical influence from both his parents and learned to hear and respect all sorts of music styles.

Through his passion he was always writing for himself on a piece of paper. Always so inspired but it never came to actually doing something with it.

However, in the beginning of 2007 D Music convinced him to be a lyricist for her. So he wrote songs like "Alone", "Move Your Body" and several others (see links for D Music). It was at that moment that he challenged himself and wrote "Everything". With a beat produced by Al Fraser (smoothbeatsonly) and D Music featuring, his first song was realised.

He is now actively writing and wants to share his music for those who are open to it.

Empowering himself and therefore "My Way"

nJR (Naftali Jufuway Rumpaisum)

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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