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Member: Pamela Olivia (California, United States)

Posted: Jun 22, 2016

Deadline: None

Category: Composer/Songwriter/Lyricist

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I am offering professional singer/songwriter looking to collaborate and co-own songs and build up my rostrum! Let's make some money together!

If you wish to just get your song recorded only - then please see the price list below:

Lead only (vocal scratch track pre-recorded) - $300/song
Backs only (vocal scratch tracks pre-recorded)- $75 - $100/song (depending on complexity of vocal arrangements)
Lead and backing vocals (vocal scratch tracks pre-recorded)- $375 - $400/song

(this includes me recording the vocals in my home in Logic and emailing the wav tracks to you; If I commute to the LA area to record - there is an additional $50 travel fee)
If you retain my vocal and the song is placed or used on an artist who has a recording contract or is released for consumers to purchase, I will require an AFTRA claim form be completed and turned in to the union and performance credit on the recording/project.

Bio: I am a singer/songwriter/voice actor/playwright who enjoys writing in all genres from R&B, Pop, Dance and Rock to Country and writing for scenes in plays or television/film. I am a founder of the former Island recording female quartet "Vybe". We enjoyed reasonable success and I continued my singing career as backing vocalist for artists such as Rod Stewart, Barry White, Anastacia, Deborah Cox, Tamia and Montell Jordan to name a few.