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Member: CaiNo (Pennsylvania, United States)

Posted: Sep 2, 2016

Deadline: None

Category: Producer

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Variety of tracks for lease/sale from professional industry producer CaiNo BeaTZ: Hundreds of extremely satisfied industry clientele for over 15 years.

Specializing in genres:
Rap, Hip-Hop, Southern Trap, 90s boom bap, 90s west coast, Contemporary R&B, R&B/Soul, Neo-Soul, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Pop, Acid Jazz, Dance, and MORE!

Non-exclusive Leases start at $65 and up
Exclusive rights start at $250 and up

Customized beats, Sound-a-likes, similar-vibe tracks also available.

Contact now for more info!

Bio: CaiNo is an accomplished artist and producer from the Philadelphia area, equally at home in recording studios or on/behind the stage. As a composer and vocalist, he's been on a multi-genre adventure for many years, navigating seamlessly through rap, hip hop, slam, pop, R&B, funk, Euro-dance, & more. His vocal style is a soulful combination of a Justin Timberlake/Robin Thicke vibe, with Michael Jackson influences and the range fluidity of Prince, and his rap style is reminiscent of Eminem, with rhythmic, biting phrasing and eloquent narratives. CaiNo's main focus and expertise is behind the board. A seasoned and respected producer, his writer chops fuel his productions, and his engineering has earned him praise from some of the industry's finest for the past 15 years. Having his own studio affords him the chance to produce many styles of music and recording, and to broaden his knowledge and understanding of genre-specific arrangements, expanding his own musical reservoir.