Music Production In Asia (songwriting-recording-edit-mix..)

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Member: AGM (National Capital, Philippines)

Posted: Jun 24, 2016

Deadline: None

Category: Composer/Songwriter/Lyricist

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AGM (All Good Music) Studios is a team of musicians, songwriters, producers and sound engineers from Germany, UK and Philippines who operate a recording studio for songwriting, composing and recording in the capital city of Philippines, Manila. They are also talent scout and developing aspiring artists beside music + video production. Producers, artists and bands are welcome to do songwriting or recording with us. If you are lack of inspiration, we offer packages and services like staying in beach resort with our portable recording equipment for your songwriting and/or recording.
With or without sound engineer, or you bring your own.
Check more at,,,

Bio: Founder Gregor Schenkel is a former musician and MBA with experience in trading biz, events, sales and marketing / PR for more than 2 decades. He started a project studio in 2008 and became a sound engineer in 2010 at HOFA, a renown studio in Germany. By 2013 he moved his studio to the Philippines.