Beginner To Intermediate Acoustic Or Electric Guitar Lessons

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Member: Planck Time Productions (Kentucky, United States)

Posted: May 12, 2017

Deadline: None

Category: Music Teacher

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I am very exited to offer beginner acoustic/electric guitar lessons to get you started on your path to becoming a musician and artist. Those first steps are the most difficult and can be very frustrating. I will help you to get the ball rolling so you can get started playing your favorite songs and even writing your own. There is nothing like grabbing your guitar and heading to a buddies house and rocking out. Its never too late or too early to begin learning how to play the guitar. My lessons will be shaped based on the individual and his/her goals. No matter if its rock ,blues , folk, funk ,alternative or metal that you enjoy listening to , these lessons will help you on your way to becoming a guitar player and getting the same enjoyment i got and still continue getting. So don't wait any longer lets get started!!

Bio: My name is matthew adkins I am 28 years old and live in Pikeville, KY. I am a musician, audio engineer, sound designer and recording artist. When i was 7 years of age my parents had me begin piano lessons which I continued to pursue for a number of years. Although I get a lot of enjoyment out of piano, keys and synth nowadays when I was 10 I chose to begin to pursue playing the guitar and begin taking lessons. My musical taste would change over the years so I went through many different phases which helped me to have the skills in the different genres that I have now. I was taught a lot in the blues style of playing so my roots go back to the blues and also in finger picking, chicken picking, flat picking and hybrid picking. I play a lot of acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Ive played in rock, metal, folk, experimental and phycadelic bands over the years but continue to play in the electronic, progressive rock band Lor as well as produce solo works under the name Picticus.