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K'annibal Woman is an extraordinary trio of musicians that hail from just north of Seattle, Washington. The band consists of Curtis Taylor and his two uncles - Guy and Richard Madison. The three are part of the Tlingit and Snohomish-Snoqualmie tribes from the Tulalip Reservation - overlooking the picturesque waters of Puget Sound. And oh yea! We're part Swedish. The band's name is taken from Native American folklore, and as Guy jokingly says, "We chose it because everyone else took all the other good band names." Their band name reflects the group's hard-driving, "stay-hungry" music.

Curtis Taylor, or "Curt Rock" grew up in the 1980s. He was influenced by a whole new generation of music, including heavy metal. Early in life, Curtis picked up sticks and became a drummer. He was involved in many hard rock bands before joining his uncles in K'annibal Woman.Guy and Richard Madison come from a large family of seven girls and three boys. As Guy says, "With seven sisters, you learn how to tow the line!" Their parents were careful to expose them to a wide variety of art and music on a daily basis. Both brothers grew up listening to legendary bands and artists such as The Sonics, and The Kinks. Their local music scene was an enormous influence on them, as the popular grunge sounds emanated out of nearby Seattle in the 1990s.

K'annibal Woman began when Guy Madison started playing the guitar with a friend of his that wanted to sing. It wasn't long before Curtis, or "Curt-Rock" joined him. Curt Rock is the nephew, and youngest of the trio. Still in his thirties, Curt brings over fifteen years of percussion experience to join his uncle's guitar skills.Together, Curt and Guy brought Richard Madison into the group. "Richard and I got a late start in music," explains Guy. Richard laughs, "I was initially 'forced' to come and sing - make that scream - with the two of them. However, now I feel right at home with my brother and nephew."

For Curt, Guy and Richard, the total of K'annibal Woman is greater than the sum of its parts. They are unique in the fact that they look at their band as one homogenous function instrument, not as a trio. "We don't focus on the individual within the band; we focus on the band as a whole." However, what sets K'annibal Woman apart is not their culture, nor their views, but their style of music.

K'annibal Woman's style is eclectic; it doesn't fit into any known genre. In fact, they call it a mixture of grunge and Native American music. They write all of their own compositions and lyrics. They also forge their music to have meaning and feeling. Their goal has always been to create fast-paced, high-octane music, and the ten tracks on their debut clearly reflects this. Within their self-titled debut album K'annibal Woman, they deliver a searing sonic-fusion of music, and headhunt for new fans willing to receive their message.

K'annibal Woman is fused with rock, metal, grunge and punk. June Caldwell of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion calls their album, "Hard-hitting and head banging rock and roll."

The headhunters in K'annibal Woman are hungry. They're ready to devour their fans' pessimism. They are eager to chase down negativity at full speed, defeating it with spirit and meaning. These three headhunters want to fill your head with a new energy. Like the Dog Star Siruis itself, they hope to shed light to guide their followers in a new direction and have some fun at the same time. For K'annibal Woman, they believe to have a serious message, you must be able to back it up with heart. Richard sums it all up, "You should have fun no matter what the message of the music is ... if your head's not bopping, then you're not rocking!"

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