Even Zero's music is psychedelic rock, it targets music listeners who feel disenfranchised with the majority of new music releases. Music reviewers say that fans of The Bravery, Interpol, The Killers, PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails will enjoy Even Zero. Even Zero's first album titled "Shout It Out" was released in October 2005 through CDBaby.com http://cdbaby.com/cd/evenzero The album contains 5 songs which made Broadjam's Top 10 Psychedelic Rock list and many more songs from the album are expected to be hits. See the "Links" page to purchase individual songs through Apple iTunes. Steven plays keys, guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Check out Steven's other band "Even Steven" www.evenstevenmusic.com and his new release "Empty Hands" http://cdbaby.com/cd/evensteven7

Even Zero

Even Zero's first release "Shout It Out" was released through CDBaby.com for $9.99 to view and listen to samples of any song to go http://cdbaby.com/cd/evenzero

Even Zero's music is primarily psychedelic rock. Music reviewers say that fans of The Bravery, Interpol, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode will enjoy Even Zero.

Steven plays guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and sings.

Even Zero is now on MySpace.com at www.myspace.com/evenzero just add Even Zero as a friend.
Check out Steven's other band Even Steven's new release

EVEN STEVEN: Empty Hands


I want to be the artist that’s going to get adults and particularly “Baby Boomers” excited about new music again, because I have the most incredible music story ever told and the music to back it!!!

In October 2002, I suddenly felt an uncontrollable desire to express myself through music, even though I had never played a musical instrument, never taken a music class and never had anything to do with the music industry. In 3 months I taught myself to play keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and sing and felt comfortable enough with my skills to start the alternative rock band “Even Steven” in January 2003.

I wrote, produced, engineered and performed all of the musical parts to over 300 songs in less than 3 years!!!

I started the psychedelic rock band “Even Zero” in June 2005 to promote my psychedelic rock songs that didn’t fit my “Even Steven” style. I released my first “Even Zero” album “Shout It Out” in October 2005 through CDBaby.com http://cdbaby.com/cd/evenzero I currently have 4 unreleased Even Zero albums.

I released my seventh “Even Steven” album “Empty Hands” in October 2005 throughCDBaby.com http://cdbaby.com/cd/evensteven7 I’m getting airplay and excellent reviews in the US and Europe!!!

Even Steven’s official website www.evenstevenmusic.com and Even Zero’s is at www.evenzero.com

My story is so amazing and inspiring that I wrote an autobiographical screenplay titled “Steven”.

State of The Music Industry

A few years ago I pretty much stopped listening to FM radio. I simply could not listen to the songs that I had grown-up with anymore because they had either lost their relevance or brought back too many memories and FM radio was not playing any new artists that were worth a crap, so what was a guy to do? What I did was start buying 20-30 new cd releases a week hoping to find some new bands that I would enjoy listening to. After 9 months and hundreds of cd's later I was more disappointed than ever. I only found a handfull of cd's that I liked enough to keep and listen to. I was shocked at what had become of the major record labels. In the past they develpoed and nutured a vast array of artists that covered the spectrum of musical tastes and none at the expense of the other artists. Now all that was left were a hand full of bands that pretty much all sounded the same. There was nothing new and exciting. Nothing that gave me the same feelings I used to have listening to an album for the first time and being blown away by how different it was from anything else I had heard before. Music had become predictable, sterile and non emotional. The music industry would have quietly gone to extinction except for one thing "technology". Digital music technology has changed so rapidly and provided affordable tools for anyone serious about making music. No longer were the recording studios and producers of the past needed to produce a professional sounding album. Many artists like myself have quickly moved in to fill the void left by the major record labels. We produce exciting new music that not only appeals to adults but to anyone looking for something new and different. However what we do not have is exposure and the means of mass producing our products and getting them into national retail stores. So you see the major record labels still can perform a valuable service to artists like myself but I don't think they are listening or even looking for us. To date I have written, produced and engineered over 300 songs the past 3 years, many have gotten airplay in Europe and some in the US and not one single record label has contacted me, go figure, maybe they are looking on the moon for their next artists.

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