Musicians for a Cause:
Life in the Years Song Contest

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Deadline: Apr 30, 2009



Musicians for a Cause:
Life in the Years Song Contest

Moore Options For Seniors

This song contest is conducted by Musicians for a Cause for the benefit of Moore Center Services (Nonprofit Partner) and sponsored by AARP (Sponsor) in New Hampshire. The purpose of this contest is to build a compilation CD of songs that create an emotional bond between Moore Center Services and the listener and is specifically targeted to support their program for the elderly, Moore Options for Seniors. The goal is to deliver songs that help to bring life to the work they do in support of the elderly, developing increased awareness and compassion to increase their base of supporters. Be sure to watch the Moore Options for Seniors video to the end and you'll certainly find some inspiration!

The CD will have three to four guest artists and at least ten additional songs will be selected from the contest entries. In addition to the contest winners there will be up to ten honorable mentions. All winners and honorable mentions can become Musicians for a Cause Affiliates and have the opportunity to work with other nonprofit organizations as requests come in.

What kind of songs do we want?

Songs can be about anything that creates awareness and/or inspires compassion for the elderly, growing older or issues facing people as they age. They can be about paying tribute to or celebrating a life, someone who makes a difference, or how lives change as we age. Whatever the song is about, it's important that your inspiration notes tie it to the cause (see submission requirements below).

They can be serious or light-hearted, ballads or up-tempo, rock & roll or rap... as long as they create awareness and inspire compassion. Also, although we accept any style it's important that the lyrics can be heard clearly. You can go to the internet and find inspirational stories, draw from personal experience, or, if you ask your friends, you'll find it's amazing to see out just how many people have stories to share.

This contest also includes a request for a song specifically for use by AARP. They're interested in songs with a theme of "Age is just a number, and life is what you make it".

AARP works to change the perception and quality of life for people 50 and over. They partner to offer products and services to meet the needs of their members and they champion the issues they face.

AAPR is interested in finding a song that encompasses the theme "Age is just a number, and life is what you make it". It doesn't have to use these words exactly, just convey the message. It should also present some of the following perspectives: Re-defining aging, celebrating life, volunteering, activism, forward thinking and positive social change.

AARP will select one entry meeting their criteria and it will also be included on the compilation CD.

You'll be making a difference by writing a song that inspires support for a worthy cause!

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Use your music to make a difference!

Join Natalie Merchant, Livingston Taylor and several additional artists in lending their voices to support 'Life in the Years', a compilation work to support the elderly.

Our projects have meaning and offer our winners a level of exposure that would be difficult to attain any other way. The "Life in the Years" CD will have exposure to over 250,000 people through a direct marketing email campaign and/or direct mail to the AARP New Hampshire members and the Moore Center base of supporters. Additional visibility will also come from inclusion in press releases, newsletters, advertising, concert promotion, additional concert event sponsors and the fan base of each of the named artists involved.

This CD will feature 3 to 4 established artists and the remainder of the songs - a minimum of 10 - will be selected from the contest. There willl also be at least 10 honorable mentions. Natalie Merchant is graciously lending her voice with her song "Beloved Wife", and Livingston Taylor is contributing a beautiful duet with Carly Simon called "Best of Friends". And there's more to come! The announcement of the remaining participants will take place as soon as all final approvals are in. We're very excited about the artists who'll be joining us!

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