In Black And White

Song Length 3:18 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Stressed Subject General
Similar Artists Tina Turner Era 2000 and later


Ask that one more time and you will start a fire
Since you say that you've been blind, you say that I'm a liar
Give me the evidence instead of heating up this residence
So that we don't holler, get hot under the collar

Let's have it in black and white
Present your ace
Let me see the facts of your case
Show the jury that you are right
I've no time to waste
And if you're gonna be in my face
Bring your case to the light in black and white

Things were going fine, was that my first mistake?
You need drama in your life as the icing on top of the cake
Let me have proof that I have something to rectify
So that we don't shout, call each other out

Don't just ramble
I can't unscramble your imaginings
Give me evidence...

In black and white...

Lyrics Gemma Mattis Wilson Music Gemma Mattis Wilson
Producer Gemma Mattis Wilson Publisher Gemma Mattis Wilson
Performance Gemma Mattis Wilson
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