Broken - Marcia Worthington Vocal

Song Length 3:34 Genre Folk - General, Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Breaking Up
Similar Artists Joan Baez Language English
Era 1960 - 1969


Seems never learn to love just right
You said good-bye and I heard goodnight
Flames of Intensity burning bright
No shades of gray just black and White

No withdrawals Nothing Due
Love had changed before I knew
No holding on no letting Go of You
No Shade of Gray-Only Blue


What's a woman to do When her Heart is Broken
And She can't see her Day through her tears
What's a Woman to do when her Heart is Broken
And She can't Fight her way thru her Fears
...What's a Woman to Do

It's getting harder to see the line
Of What I have and what was left behind
Will there be a time when I stop this Cryin'
There's shades of Gray but I'm Color Blind


First Verse

Haunting, emotional, sad "love lost" song. The vocal performance is very authentic and believable. She sounds like she's really been through it. I like the color references and how they change every verse (shades of gray/color blind). The background vocals and mix are excellent. I really like it when she dives into her lower voice and the trembles are excellent.

Pretty voice. Great guitar playing. Sounds like Joni Mitchell.

vocals are very good and the harmony structure is sweet...

Lyrics Len Kirschner/Marcia Worthington Music Marcia Worthington
Producer Marcia Worthington Publisher N/A
Performance Marcia Worthington Label N/A
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