Old Shoebox

Story Behind The Song

It's a joke-story-song with a [composite] main character based on true stories of life of mine and my friends. Inspired by a remote relative who was dumped by his girlfriend when she discovered a suitcase full of photographs of his ex's (that was in the '70s, before digital photography and Facebook).

Song Description

A guy comes home only to be confronted by his girlfriend/wife who had just found a shoebox full of photos of his ex's. Hilarity ensues.

Song Length 4:36 Genre Folk - General, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Composed Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Making Up
Similar Artists Mark Knopfler Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Old Shoebox
Copyright © Maxim Senin, 2014

You are standing in the doorway
Shoe box in your hand
The fuming injured looks
That no one can withstand
My heart sank to the stomach
And now I'm feeling trapped
Guess you found the photographs
I never should have kept
Eye contact and composure!
Buddy, get a grip!
Just pull yourself together
And try not to slip
It only takes a second
I hang up my coat
Through treacherous waters
I'll keep my ship afloat

Let's sit down in the kitchen
I'll tell you about those
Just sit back and listen
How the story goes

There ain't no need to worry
When all is said and done
Just want you to remember:
You are the only one
You are the only one

This is me in Paris
Three German girls I've met
We drank champagne and mingled
And I kissed them for a bet
Here's Linda, pretty waitress
Kept topping off my cup
She didn't have a car and
I used to pick her up

June was a precious blossom
So delicate and sweet!
A little bird of paradise,
Adorably petite
Nicole, a fiction writer
novels, like Dumas
They say she is amazing but
She is comme ci comme ça

Don't think of them as "trophies"
It sounds like a cliche
The tokens of what made me
The man I am today

There ain't no need to worry
When all is said and done
Just want you to remember:
You are the only one
You are the only one

One picture that's not here
My biggest crush of all
Sometimes I still can see her
In dreams of the enthralled
You know life is a journey
And now this street is crossed
A lingering old yearning
A picture that I lost

This is Rosa from Hermosa
Helen Bell -- from hell!
Sometimes you meet the odd ones
There isn't much to tell
In her green tank top,
"Natacha with mustach-a"
In frozen yogurt shop

The happiness and romance,
The struggle, pain and strife
It's just a part of riding
the ups and downs of life

And now I see you smiling
I'm glad you're having fun
Just want you to remember:
You are the only one
You are the only one

"Old Shoebox" is a winner. This upbeat track focuses playfully on the age-old story of "what do you tell the new live-in girlfriend about the ex-girlfriend." If that's not enough, Maxim Senin takes the back peddling for an explanation to an art form when what tipped off the new lover is a box of old photographs, only the photos are from years of ex-girlfriends. Just try getting out of that jam with a smile and a song.

Lyrics Maxim Senin Music Maxim Senin
Producer Maxim Senin,StudioPros Publisher Maxim Senin
Performance Maxim Senin,StudioPros,Keny Palmer

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