The Blue Sparkling Sea

Story Behind The Song

Loosely based on personal experience of a mediterranean summer holiday initially spolit by possibly the worst hotel in the world at the time....

Song Description

A very peaceful / tranquil melody with a classical / hymn-like feel set against a lyric based on the imagined perfect vacation being at odds with the realities of commercialised mass tourism.

Song Length 4:19 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Relaxed Subject Ocean, Sea, See, Vision, Eyes
Language English Era 2000 and later


The blue sparkling sea
Looked all that it was meant to be
Glistening in the brochure
Brought to life by the TV

Full of eastern promise
That far off Holy land
The mysteries of the Orient
The boy waving from the sand

And now just a week to go
Moving closer all the time
Amidst the chaos still the dream of
The blue sparkling sea

But the blue sparkling sea
Wasn't all it was meant to be
An air of disappointment
And the disappointing air

Full of estern dollars
That far off Holy land
The mysteries of the Orient
Lying trampled in the sand

But the marketeers have earned their fee
Targets reached for another year
And still they come with dreams intact
Of the blue sparkling sea

Lyrics Mark Wilderspin Music Mark Wilderspin
Producer Paul Bryant / Mark Wilderspin Performance Wilderspin
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