Real Love

Song Description

A gentle poke at self indulgetnt dramatic friends....

Song Length 3:31 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists Joni Mitchell Language English


Real Love

Cindy Ryan

I don't care anymore what's happening in your world
I'm tired of all the stories and the drama baby what's a girl to do
And all the things that you lean upon have taken over now
And I'm sure, I'm sure I don't care anymore

Just give me love, love, real love

I don't care what you do just do it where I can't see you
My back is bent from the cross I had to bare
But something changes and I just don't seem to care
And all the things that you want from me
Are things that I don't give for free

Just give me love, love, real love

I dreamed that I suffered and laid it in my soul
I didn't even want to run 'cause I felt like I'd come home
I drank so much I fell down and talked a lot of shit
I know a little love can mend your soul
So I'm gonna do my very best to make it through somehow

Lyrics Cindy Ryan Music Cindy Ryan
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