Gypsy Wind

Song Length 4:06 Genre Folk - Rock
Subject General, Karma Language English


A wayward spirit set adrift on the breeze
The winds of fate blew her right to me
It's just one of those things, one of, one of those things (synchronicity)
One of those things that was meant to be

She's trading in her diamonds
Trying to get some smiles
Trading that same old same old
Rolling down the miles

Gypsy spirit didn't know where she's going
Now she fills my cup until it's over flowing
A mystical winding road that no one can see (no one can see)
It's bringing her home, come on home to me

Gypsy wind on the ocean of life
Sometimes the wind will cut you like a knife
Sometimes it blinds you 'til you just can't see (just can't see)
Then all of a sudden you find you're right where you're s'posed to be

Lyrics Eric Wold Music Eric Wold
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