Killing Time

Story Behind The Song

I was jamming alone and the tune caught on. I felt the mood was real mellow and had potential to exhibit what everyone knows but denies - the 'wrongness' of this world, of life. So ...ta da.

Song Description

Since the song might have been "boring", i introduced a bridge which would not only break the monotony but also be so different from the ongoing song yet have strands of the original, so i build it up, eventually bringing the tempo and the mood way down

Song Length 6:06 Genre Rock - Psychedelic, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Serene Subject Numbness, General
Similar Artists Pink Floyd, The Wallflowers Language English
Era 2000 and later


Longing for peace, did I ask for too much?
Come say it loud, for they need to hear it too
I'm just a preacher for this long lost state of human mind
for which I long again, but I won't last very long

Killing time, when you've grown too old
Killing time, when your memory has just been sold
Killing time, reality unfolds
Killing time, these are killing times.

Maybe you feel ashamed to ride the tides like others do
Leave it all to the knowledge of the thought that you can't win
I'm not one bit amazed by your deep desired burn
Its been prophesized by Elijahs of this machine world.

Welcome to the queue, the line here, it just grows
By the multiples of infinity, I guess you already know

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