The Guys In Las Vegas

Song Length 2:49 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - General


I went out to Las Vegas, won me a dollar or two.
Played the fool, but played it cool, tryin to get over you.
I met a guy, he had your eyes, and before I realized,
I played the fool in Las Vegas, just like i played for you.

I had fun in Las Vegas. One night I met an old flame.
I thought of you a time or two, but couldn't recall your name.
I met a guy, he had your smile, and in a little while,
I played the fool in Las Vegas, just like I played for you.

One more trip to Las Vegas, and I'll forget who you are.
Play the fool, but play it cool, with a movie star.
Meet me a guy, he''ll have your lies, and before you realize,
I'll play the fool in Las Vegas, but I won't play it for you.
© ron wilson aka ron arbuthnot
aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

"The Guys of Las Vegas" has a haunting medium tempo melody but as the demo it is it does need some polishing. When that is done it could be a great gem for any listener as we as songwriters need to dress our recordings up a bit as if they were to be seen at the finest events, dressed up with a good and applicable instrumental balances too. At the least we as songwriters need to do the best demos we can afford; therefore, I suggest your song "TGLV" now be sent to a professional demo service like many songwriters here on Broadjam have done. In my opinion you might do this before you start posting a lot of your songs even as demo's on your BJ Page in the future or replace them with the polished demos. That way in truth when the professional music or film industry starts searching for your work or when you send your product into the companies looking to license your songs, it will be acceptable rather than rejected.
Potential is really there for your song certainly that you submitted to me once you take those suggested steps.
Finally, let me thank you for sharing "The Guys in Las Vegas" lyrics & music. There is a message in this song we as listeners can relate to and I look forward to reviewing more of your work in the near future. Thank you.

Lyrics ron wilso aka ron arbuthnot aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet Music same
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The Guys In Las Vegas

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