I Can't Complain

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to come up with something a little upbeat and bluesy but with a heavy hard rock edge. Evil Women from Black Sabbath was in my head. That influenced the verse of the song and the rest of the tune was built around that. The song came together pretty quick.

Song Description

The song is about not letting things getting to you and just enjoying life and going with the flow.

Song Length 3:54 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Sociable Subject Life, Happiness
Similar Artists Alice In Chains, godsmack, corrision of conformity Era 2000 and later


Feeling alright on a Saturday night
Dim lights and drink in hand
Where I'm gonna go
I don't even know
Not even sure where I am

I can't complain
'cause there's no rain in my skies
I can't complain
Feeling lucky to be alive

She said that she loved me
The next day she dumped me
The girl doesn't understand
my agenda
She should have known better
All good things come to an end

I can't complain
'cause there's no rain in my skies
I can't complain
Feeling lucky to be alive

Great vocals and great harmonies. This song really dynamic. The guitar tone is really hot sounding, the rhythm and lead. The changes are great. The recording is good. I like the stops. The arrangement is very good!

This is an excellent piece of music. GREAT party piece. Great engineering, high production value. Good drive, great lyrics... fun premise to the story. I'll just listen. Great stuff. Unique voice, beautiful guitar work. I really enjoyed this piece. Great length... everything is well thought out. I love that inital hit. BAM! Wakes you up and keeps you in the song.

Nice staccato playing and arrangement - bit reminiscent of some Thin Lizzy stuff. Nice to hear some vocal harmonies. Especially liked the breakdown bit with some unpredictable chords in there - I hate it when a tune goes exactly where you expect it to. Nice one.

I really like the way the song has a great driving beat, the instrumentation is great, reminds me of a cross between Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple.

First impression..great hard rock sound. The instrumentation is excellent. I particularly like the drum part. Great guitar tone. The instrumentation is very tight. The vocal is top notch. Some lovely changes in the song that maintains the interest of the listener. Melodically very strong. Great mix and sound quality.

Nice Job -
Fun tune
Pretty solid mix
Good vocal harmonies

I liked it, it reminds me of a few things that I can't quite place but I think I would put it in the Seventies style wise which is fine. Cream maybe although not quite. I thought the production sounded pro to me, vocal was solid and it's a positive lyric, good one for the car on an open road.

Very cool song! The instrumentation is spot on and the vocals and harmonies are flawless. This should...if it hasn't already...be used in a soundtrack for film or TV without a doubt. Would also sell on it's own as a single. Great song throughout.

Very good sound. Great construction from start to finish. Just good solid rock n roll. Instrumentation and vocals are great and arrangement is top-notch.

Finally some decent rock to review. Cool song with an interesting riff. Well put together with a singer that has a good delivery and voice. Good production on the drums and all of the instruments. It reminded me a little of Buckcherry

Lyrics John Mosco Music John Mosco
Producer John Mosco Performance Sixty Miles Down
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