Heart In Vain

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Music critic, Diana Williamson wrote, "Andre must be channelling music from the heavens, his ability to draw emotion into his superb melodies would be a crime not to be heard". Robert Dellaposta commented, "Andre Kerek is a classical composer of cinematic romantic orchestral instrumentals. His melodies will touch your soul and move you". Jonathan Weiss's review stated, "I really enjoyed listening to this song, it's readily apparent how much time it took Andre to put together this memorable lead melody, arrangement and overall performance". "I'm impressed, and feel that your songs are ready for pitching to Film & TV" -- Robin Fredericks. Doug Diamond, record producer had this to say in his Pro-Review, ""Heart In Vain is an excellent film score type theme that sounds like it stepped right out of 1940s Hollywood and yet still could be utilized in today's plethora of modern sync situations". Luis M. Tuesta Ph.D., Assistant Professor at University of Miami wrote, "I like how the melody shifts from piano to winds and this allows the piano to color the piece. The treble arpeggios on the piano give a sense of lightness, and by shifting to bass arpeggios, a bit of darkness. Also, the dynamic shift from arpeggio to staccato gives it the urgency/angst that one gets when listening to Chopin or Liszt".

Song Length 4:12 Genre Classical - Romantic
Music Andre Kerek Producer Jerry Oviedo & Jose Veliz Arrangers
Performance Jose Veliz Ensemble Alex Magalong Conductor
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