Crazy Window

Story Behind The Song

The song was written about the window above the stove used by Xyrla Fernandez, wife of Elmer Ferrer, in their tiny basement apartment in Havana. The window is at eye level and provides a magnificent view of a walkway and a brick wall that is 4 feet away.

Song Description

Song is about a house wife who sees the world througha small kitchen window in a basement apartment in havana. This is a song about cooking and looking at the world that passes by the window.

Song Length 3:37 Genre Blues - Modern
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Content Subject Window
Similar Artists Eric Clapton, Robert Cray Language English


I have a window
Over my kitchen...
My window sometimes shows me cats and children.

There are also dogs
That come in peace...
In peace they shake their noses, hide their teeth.

My crazy window
Shows me around...
And puts my eyes straight down to the ground.

Now that's the reason
Why when I cook...
I cook and see shoes passing foot by foot.

Through my crazy window never comes the sun
But the shadows tell me how the life goes on.

I got a window
Smells like beans...
I hear the sound of music from the street.

So, when the wind blows
I have no choice...
But to listen to the passin' strangers' voice.

That's how I've seen
That's how I know...
These words and tales have now become my own.

Stories of kisses
Stories of pain...
Seem to come from heaven seem to come from hell.

Through my crazy window never comes the sun
But the shadows tell me how the life goes on.

Through my crazy window I can see the soul
The crystal soul of anyone who comes
If you walk with two faces
You're not good enough
My window just gets closed
And that's the sign I know...

I have a window
Over my kitchen...
From here it's warm I'm cooking while it's raining

I do my rice
I see rain above...
Cookin'n holdin' tight the one I love.

Lyrics Xyrla Fernandez, Peter Voith, Shawn Tavenier, Anders Drerup Music Elmer Ferrer
Producer Billy Johnston Publisher X Factor Music Publishing
Performance Elmer Ferrer Band with Anders Drerup guest vocalist Label Johnston Records Inc.
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