I Could Love You

Song Description

A love song with a twist.

Song Length 5:15 Genre Classical - Romantic, New Age - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood On Cloud Nine, Affable
Subject Happiness Language English
Era 2000 and later


Music by John Cole Tatum © 1981
Lyrics by John and Rebecca Tatum
Performance by the John Tatum Band

I could love you
Like a flower has beauty in rain
Like a gentle morning you light up my day
In the moments you whisper my name
Like a mother and child I'd love you that way

I could love you
While the morning light still sleeps in the shade
As I need all the words you could say
Like the power of winning a game
And I would need you to love me the same

I could love you
I could love you
If I should love you
I would love you

I could love you
As tender as you are to me the moments your near
As a hope to have you need me the reason I'm here
Like people need believing they all love to share
Like freedom and religion I'd love you to care

I could love you
It's like looking at rainbows in rain
After the moment of speaking your name
Like the Son of God you light up my way
And I could love you, if you say "ok"...

I would love you
I would love you
If I should love you
I could love you

Dedicated to the memory of my dad now in Heaven. My mother and father dared to love each other, though love is really tough, many times for over 55 years. Your one and only mom, and he awaits you to share that love for eternity.

Lyrics John and Rebecca Tatum Music John Tatum
Producer John Tatum Publisher John Tatum Network
Performance John and Rebecca Tatum Label The Tate Music Group
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