Song Length 3:39 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Serene
Subject Air, Unrequited Love Language English


We are one
We will always be
Flying high
Fly wild
Fly free

high up through the mountains
You and me
The wind beside hold us light
and free

We are one
We will always
making shapes
through clouds
O,er the sea

Higher than we ever
we could be

We are one
We will always

Nothing left
Our eyes
Cant see

Higher and higher
and higher
Fly free

Nice tune. The melody worked really well with the gentleness of the acoustic guitar and the breathy vocal deliver along with the dreamy lyrics is perfect prosody. Well done! I don't give all that many perfect scores but this song most definitely deserved it. Good job!

I love tunes that have a peaceful atmospheric pastoral sound. The fingerpicked guitar and melody has the elegance of Eric Tingstad on the Windham Hill label. The orchestration gradually appears and builds and that's very appealing. Lyrics are almost philosophical but they fit very well for the mood of the song, which is for a relationship to soar. This one has every right to market well and to sell.

Simple lyrics that say so much ! What's not to like , great vocal that really sells the song .

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Ireland #3
Folk - Alternative #3
Folk #5
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