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Song Length 4:39 Genre Electronic - Ambient

Hey Elza

Ive been building and designing a new studio the last few months
Its really nice to hear from you and thanks for the submission.

I really like this song, have I chosen it for anything?
Great tight, clean, punchy yet funky.
l love the rhodes hook and your melody. You have a nice unique voice, power where you need it
The human hi-hat really helps to anchor the track down.

Great use of sax to break up the instrumentation gives it a really classy New York vibe.

The track is nicely mixed and Im liking the rap break.
The city sounds that arrive towards the end are great little ear candies to just give the listener another feeling of the song before it fades.

Overall great work.

Much Love
CMI Music Group / Grand Northern Recording Studio

Soulful sounding female lead vocal on this electronic based chill / jazzy type groove that could easily fit behind any scenes looking for a soulful Trip Hip type vibe.

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