Grief (feat. CaiNo)

Song Description

Tango Nuevo with R&B flavour.

Song Length 3:54 Genre Latin - Tango, R & B - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English



Thought I could handle it
It's wrong
Thought it'd be easy
To carry on
Who was I kidding?
Now you're gone
Sometimes there's no relief... From grief
An emotion that appears from nowhere
Creeps up from behind... So beware
Leads you deep into despair
Tugging at the roots of my hair
With grief
Like I've been cut down the middle
Still bleeding
Lost all my energy... Receding
Spent many hours staring
At the ceiling
Blinded by disbelief and grief
Still awake it's stupid O'clock
Still suffering the aftershock
Banging my head against a large rock
Just drifting through time... Tick, tock
With grief, oh, with grief

© Glen Cooper 20th November 2019 (1603)

Lyrics © Glen Cooper 20th November 2019 Music composed by Christoph Emmanuel Langheim (November 2019)
Producer Christoph Emmanuel Langheim & CaiNo Performance Singer: CaiNo (
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