Cadillac Tan

Story Behind The Song

Inspired by my brother, who - many in our family - myself included - believe he killed our father just to take away his home.

Song Description

50's to 60's Retro-feel Rockabilly tune about a man in his old Cadillac so much that his "Left arm is dark" thus - the Cad Tan. He is also a con man that you better stay away from. "Better walk away when he sticks out his hand", he has some scheme planned to take your money!

Song Length 2:34 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cruel, Nonviolent Subject Law Enforcement, Ghetto, Barrio
Similar Artists Alan Jackson, Glenn Frey Language English
Era 1960 - 1969



Here come the man with the Cadillac tan
He's lying and trying some hair brain scam
if you give him 50 dollars he can make you 10--------grand

better walk away when he sticks out his -------------hand


His left arm is dark driver's window gone
livin in his car from dusk till dawn
He'd steal your last penny way bfore noon----------------

better not leave if he's in your------ room

beat up 57 Eldorado 3 tone
to hear him talk about it you would think that it's gold
He'd kill his own daddy, just for his home-----------

criminal mind and a halo I'm ----- told

The Boy is lazy, the boy is bold
the boy is crazy, the boy is cold
he'd kill his own daddy even though that he's old-----------

to take away the little world that his daddy ---------owned

Lyrics Doug West Music Doug West
Producer Doug West Publisher Doug West
Performance Doug West Label NA
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