I Still Need You

Story Behind The Song

The desperation of trying to hold onto love.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi, Folk - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Charming Subject Fear, Madly In Love
Similar Artists Kodaline Language English
Era 2000 and later


I still need you by my side.
It kills me when you run and hide.
Life's now something I can bear,
So long as I can know you're there.

Please don't ever leave,
You're the air that lets me breathe
When you're lying by my side
I know I've lived enough to die.

When your silence shuts me out,
And leaves me drowning in self-doubt,
Shadows start to fill the room,
Threatening to become my tomb.

Please don't ever leave,
You're the air that lets me breathe
When you're lying by my side
I know I've lived enough to die.

You say you can't bear this,
What was once bliss,
Now breaks your heart,
I know that if you leave me,
I'll be completely torn apart.

Please don't ever leave,
You're the air that lets me breathe
When you're lying by my side
I know I've lived enough to die.

I still need you by my side.
It kills me when you run and hide.

Really like the positive feeling I get when I listen to this track.. Great vocals and well arranged. I def think it has market potential.

Lyrics Douglas Amell Music Douglas Amell
Producer Douglas Amell / Chris Shreenan-Dyck Performance www.sundownsessionsstudio.com
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