Upcoming artist, originally from South Africa. Menny has always had listening to music as one of his favourite hobbies, and as a result on Jan 2010, started making music.
In his very first song, 'we rising', he wanted not only to give a humble image of himself coming up as an artist, but also to give it a worldly feel so anyone can relate to the idea and message behind it. All his work is based on basically what the people want to hear, and with the help of his team he is currently working with and fans, his goal is to stay on point and give the people what they want.

Heading in the direction of music with a style of his own, Menny accomplished many things in a short period of time. Starting off with no knowledge of the behind scenes of the music industry he was forced to work twice as hard to prove that he was capable of following his dream.
In the beginning of 2010 Menny started writing and recording music, shocking everybody that had ever doubted him. Shortly after when he dropped his first Mix CD he made everybody's jaw drop. With only a year of experience under his belt, nobody was expecting his first Mix CD to do so well, but he made it clear that just like his hit single "We Risin'", he himself was rising, and he was rising fast.
After his CD he continued to improve with live performances, his first video and the new tracks that never failed to impress. He performed anywhere from Club's, Bar's to Fundraiser's at the Art Gallery in Vancouver, B.C. Each one improving his skill and thrive for music. Accomplishing this in only a year never fails to amaze people. His heart and motivation has made it clear he is not only capable, but born to be an artist.

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