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"The Hungry Homeless" and "Your New Love" were just recorded and added to Broadjam. Enjoy!

Organic, Eclectic, Unforgettable

Todd Haagenstad has been writing his eclectic collection of original music and lyrics for over 20 years, but it is only recently that he has begun to do recordings for others to enjoy. Todd grew up writing music around the campfire with family and friends, and the result is an organic and heartfelt style that is one of a kind. Primarily in the genre of "folk", Todd's music also extends into the genres of country, pop, blues, instrumentals, and jazz. This artist's melodies are soothing, peaceful and reflective with lyrics that often touch upon the subjects of life, existence, the earth and the human experience. Without a doubt, the spirit and essence of Todd's music are insightful and unforgettable. Though the current recordings are themselves "organic" with no back-up instrumentation or studio fine-tuning, we hope that you will enjoy them. We look forward to bringing you more music in the future.


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