The U.S. band WHITEHOUSE appears with a blend of English and Spanish lyricism and with a unique blend of influences crossing over classical, pop-rock, and classic rock styles.
Although they are no strangers to worldwide publicity (a variety of music publications and air-play around the world), they have taken more affirmative action by securing a television spot with "The Shield".
The Shield is played on the FX network in the US and other networks Internationally. With several Emmy nominations, and the contributions of extended roles from notable film actors such as Glenn Close and Forest Whitaker, it provided a great publicity opportunity for the band.
For their new single Gonna Make It Up To You they had Grammy winning producer Randy Miller on board.
The supporting harmonies are sung by Pop and Jazz singer Sandy Stewart.

Latest News

WHITEHOUSE is going to release their new EP containing 5 songs in Feb. 2011, followed by the new album which will contain 12 brand new songs and will be released March 2011.
The new WHITEHOUSE crew will present a very unique kind of music with a blend of Pop, Rock, Latin and R&B styles.


"This blend of Rock,Latin and Pop is for you if you crave an adrenaline rush with a touch of class.Feel the edge and the fusion of stiles that makes "The Whitehouse Sound" unique!"

Whitehouse provides the listener with a new mixture of genres in their music:
From very western pop guitar compositions to blazing rock runs and licks, with lyrics that remind the listener that "the song" is back and in great force.The songs by Jose Amigo are sung both in English and Spanish, uniquely combining both musical cultures on one single album.
Their current release "Games" contains 14 tracks, which also features the song "Cuentan que el" used in the US TV award winning series "The Shield".

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