I was born in2 da culture below the Mason Dixon line/ where da soil is rich wit da blood of slaves & da old ways/ underlie our DNA. I talk in a southern tongue/ U know where Im from golds & 808 drums demanded/ as a kid I was playa, had no choice fly as I was... I hovered off da porch/ 2 da wilderness where street signs be hit up wit gang signs/ amist all da bullets I got another state of mind/ on some other sh!t sense n!gg@s aint hearn' that U my brotha sh!t/ Im quick to disown'em/ ain goin out on no sucka sh!t/ So some would say I act as if Im conceited/ No Im just reclusive, my patience B short 4 n!gg@s who conversate stupid/ & small minded, I passem changn' gears/ they remind me of a hotwheel stuck on a treadmill/ I dont eat pork & malt liquor is poison/ thats why they sell it where I be at, Im seein' problems/ No clear answer it unfolds slowly/ makin' it seem like ain got game, da game got me/ trapped in proceedn' wit caution Im different/ call me reality, harsh on yo feelin's...

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Mactown's own Aaron Sky is in the building. Any body lookin' for some fresh air will be able to breathe easier now. check it out at www.broadjam.com/A.Sky.
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Clean Clean

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