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Exclusive Bio of Kel-C: Southern

s southern Hip-Hop continues to flourish, there is a musical-arrow aiming at different regions of the phenomenon. Hip-Hop aficionados are aware of the southern cities and states that have graced the Hip-Hop scene and now this arrow is aimed at the state of Florida. With the recent success of south Florida producers, singers, and rappers, the underground music scene is in a constant movement and it features some of the best and gifted talents in both Miami (Dade County) and Palm Beach County. Kel-C, a producer and singer out of Palm Beach County, is among the many aspiring talents that are climbing this pre-ordained music ladder. Kel-C, the 21-year-old producer/singer, is one of many aspiring artist from Palm Beach County, Florida. The Boynton Beach native began his musical expedition at the age of four. After mastering the drums, it didnt take long for him to realize his destiny; in fact, it was between the ages of 10 and 12 that he began to incorporate his dream with his work ethic. Driven like a vehicle with no limitation of fuel, he began controlling his destiny and made a right turn into the heart of the well-established music manager, Joe Green. Green took the music prodigy in his arms and around this pivotal time, Green nearly landed Kel-C and his then group, Hard Copy, a deal with Sony. However, Kel-Cs destiny began to take a drastic turn and after changing paths with both Hard Copy and Joe Green, he began venturing toward the music industry as a solo artist. In late 2004, Kel-C began producing music and making beats as a solo talent around the South Florida area. Despite some success, he decided to move to Tallahassee, Florida eventually teaming up with the rap group, Straight Clownen as a producer, singer, and beat maker. During his time in Tallahassee, he created yet another buzz, which then made a wider audience range for his talent. Despite much needed success; he decided to venture toward a different direction. By then, hed built a rapport with many artists and industry insiders and through his talent and connection, he later ventured toward the international scene. After spending musical time in London, he then decided to come back to the states. Kel-Cs return to the states may have made his career even more promising. After signing a deal with Capitol under Sounds of Joy Recording Studio, he went on to produce records for Universal/No Limit Soldiers. Now as a free agent, Kel-C is on yet another path to success. Will southern Hip-Hop ever end? Perhaps not, because as long as he is around, there will always be a breath of fresh air for southern Hip-Hop aficionados.

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