CV BOYS band just release our first album in November 2005, without any support of a label or management we are committed to reach our goal to represent our music and culture to the world because is not too many people that knows about our music or even if we exist in the Map. For that reason our album is now available in almost all major retailer stores online in the USA and many stores around the world but we will not stop there because every day we are trying to a little more to reach that goal. Recently CV BOYS band surprise almost all Capeverdeans for being the first band to participate in the Emergenza Music Festival despite all the others bands were rock’n’roll and we managed to get ourselves to the regional semi-finals.

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CV BOYS band Biography

In 1996 five guys got together, formed a band, but never had the intention to play out or even record an album because they didn?t know how to play any instruments but with dedication they thought themselves how to play in a short period of time. The boys decide to give themselves a name CV BOYS band and of course there was no girl in the group only after some time they did invite a couple girls to help doing the chorus but it did not last long.
After while Filomena which is sister of Manuel and Domingos start to grow the interest for music by listening the boys rehearsing in the basement even she started to attend some rehearsals and the boys did ask her if she wants to be a member of CV BOYS band and she did accept but the boys said that they will not change the name because they have the dream that one day everybody will know them as CV BOYS band. As the time goes by the passion for music start to grow and they start to make imaginary plans that if one day they could play on front of people and it didn?t take long to happen because while they were in high school at Madison Park Technical Vocational in Boston in 1997 the Capeverdean Culture department were throwing a party in the school auditorium and one of the teacher were looking for somebody that could provide music to that party but they were afraid to present themselves because they never played before in front of people. Anyway they told the organizer that they have a band and the deal was done right there.
It was so fun after they saw people getting in line to get to the auditorium where it get to the point to close the doors of the auditorium because there were full. After the boys started to play the crowed start to groove with them and all the auditorium start to dance. After that first show they start to look for other gigs even get to the point to play for the visit of Pedro Pires (actual President of Cape Verde than First Minister) at strand theatre. It has been a long journey for the boys but never want to give up because now their dream is to follow the few Capeverdeans that are already on the top representing young Capeverdean music to the world. In 1998 the band member Manuel Gomes start to setup a home studio them along with his brother Domingos Gomes and couple friends they started to produce some songs but never thought that it would be so hard to find a studio where all the others Capeverdeans were recording their album because all their friends that had the dream to record an album were doing it without any problem but for CV BOYS band they were rejected time after time. Making funny excuses such as increasing the price of their studio from $30/hour to $45/hour but still they accepted it them at last they were told that the studio monitor were damaged. At that point the guys saw that that something were wrong because couple other studio were doing similar excuses to them. They finally found a Studio from a Haitian musician in Brockton in 2004 where they already had most of the arrangements done at home and then they did the final touch at Rollin Track Studio with the help of Frantz.

After finishing the recording process the boys did contact Djoy Delgado and Grace Evora from Splash which is the best Capeverdean band resident in Netherland but playing all over the world if they could help mixing the songs and of course they did open their heart and they helped them without any excuses.


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